Narrat Docs

Installing Narrat in a web app

Install on a project

npm install narrat
For narrat to run, it needs two pieces of data:
  • The config file which contains the path of your script files and other info
  • The characters file which contains the list of characters in the game
Copy the content of one of the example games and the content of the assets folder somewhere in your app that can be served statically, and have an #app div in your page's html including your javascript (you can copy public/index.html) .
Then in your javascript code to launch narrat, use:
import { startApp } from 'narrat';
// Call `startApp` to run the game, passing the path to your config file and characters file.
charactersPath: 'data/characters.yaml', // Replace with whatever path you have
configPath: 'data/config.yaml',

Customising your game

See the Customising your Narrat game page for more info on how to edit the game

Building and exporting your game

See the Building and exporting your game page